Frequently asked questions

Absolutely, anyone can learn to play the drums, and having a natural sense of timing isn’t a make-or-break requirement. Drumming is a skill that can be acquired through consistent practice, patience, and the right approach. While some individuals might seem to have an innate sense of timing, this skill is not solely determined by talent. Timing is a learned ability that can be improved over time, even if it feels challenging initially.

Firstly, the human brain is remarkably adaptable. With regular practice, the brain’s neural pathways responsible for rhythm and timing can be strengthened. Just like learning any other skill, drumming involves repetition and gradual improvement. The brain’s plasticity allows it to adapt and rewire itself in response to new challenges, enabling individuals to refine their sense of timing.

Secondly, the availability of various learning tools and resources makes drumming accessible to everyone. Metronomes, for instance, provide a constant beat that helps individuals develop a consistent sense of timing. With practice, the brain begins to internalise these patterns, leading to improved timing skills.

Lastly, learning to play the drums should be viewed as a journey rather than an endpoint. At the London Drum Institute we are here to support you on every step of your drum journey. Progress is always made incrementally and even tough this may be frustrating, there is just no other way.

So in a nutshell yes, anyone can learn to play the drums. You can start at anytime with us!

Definitely not. We believe that there is no age limit to learn and enjoy playing the drums for your pleasure. You can also make remarkable progress if you start your drum journey and stick to a regular practice schedule. The key is incremental growth and being willing to put in practice time!

Of course! You are most welcome to give it a try and book an introductory drum lesson to find out if playing the drums is really what you want to do. Be reassured that there is no need to possess any talent to join the London Drum Institute. We believe that all adults are able to play drums thanks to the expert guidance of our excellent drum teachers.

You do not need to own a drum kit to start your drum lessons as the purchase of the most suitable instrument for you to begin your education can be discussed with your teacher during your first drum lesson. He or she will be able to make a recommendation and advise on the best drum store to visit.

In addition, inexpensive drum practice pads can be a start to learn drums along with a good set of drum sticks!

Absolutely! The London Drum Institute is entirely dedicated to adults who wish to play for their pleasure so you are more than welcome to join!

You definitely need to practice if you intend to make any progress. Attending your weekly drum lessons will offer you the guidance and feedback needed to improve in the right direction but a personal daily practice is necessary to really develop your ability to play the drums!

It all depends on your current level. As a complete beginner, you can start with 15 minutes each day to get into the habit of practising on a daily basis. It should then increase to 30 minutes quite rapidly as you will need enough time to review and improve the material that has been studied during your drum lessons.

Not at all. All our drum teachers have been selected for their remarkable understanding of adults who play the drums as a hobby. They are, therefore, extremely patient, kind and supportive. We can assure you that your drum teacher will never judge, patronise or criticise you negatively.

Certainly, we do offer preparation for drum examinations, including Trinity Rock, Trinity Classical, ABRSM percussion, LCM Exams, and more. We are fully equipped to guide you through any drum exam. It’s important to note that this is an optional service, and we will never compel any student to undertake exams.

It is an extremely difficult question to answer as it all depends on your abilities and the exact goal that you have in mind. As per our experience, we can, however, say that you should be able to play some solid rock beats after just a few lessons!

The duration of your drum course depends on your personal goal after attending for a minimum of 3 months. Your lessons will then take place on an ongoing basis until you are satisfied with your drum playing or unable to pursue your education.

Of course. Our highly experienced drum teachers definitely possess the right set of skills to help you significantly improve your drum skills!

Absolutely. We know how daunting it can be for a rock and roller to step into jazz drummer and we would be delighted to support you in your endeavour.

As we do not follow a set syllabus but prefer adapting to each in order to provide you with the most suitable drum education possible, the content of our drum lessons depends on your current abilities, wishes and style studied.

At London Drum Institute, we understand that it can be difficult for some busy professionals to attend their drum lessons on a set day and time each week. We will be happy to accommodate you but please inform us before signing up as any special request is subject to an extra fee and availability.